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Keeping The Citizens Informed & Entertained On Events & History Around The Great City Of Troy Ohio.

Troy Public Broadcasting hopes to bring more quality services to the community in the future and is looking forward to serving our community for a better tomorrow.

After 36 years, Troy Public Broadcasting has become a permanent fixture in the Troy Community. Since its inception in 1977 as Troy Public Access, Troy Public Broadcasting Channel 5 strives to provide quality programming to the community.

Troy Public Broadcasting not only provides public service announcements to all non-profit organizations as a free service, educational and entertainment programs, we also provide technical services for those in need. Several Public Broadcasting Stations have received our help in establishing and setting up broadcasts. Our specialized equipment has also been used for criminal investigations and other technical services through out the area.

Our local programming offers a wide spectrum of programming from education, sports, health, arts, entertainment and religious programming. Currently Troy Public Broadcasting Channel 5 has over 100 programs on its schedule today. Troy Public Broadcasting Channel 5 is proud to offer delightful children’s programming in the morning and afternoons along with providing viewer’s and schools with educational programming throughout the day.

Troy Public Broadcasting Channel 5 has been producing, editing, and airing High School Sporting Events now for over 20 years! Covering Girls & Boys Soccer, Basketball, Wrestling, Football, Hockey, Baseball, and Special Events Basketball for Riverside of Miami County. Approximately 75 events per year both Audio & Video. These events are aired year round on our station every Wednesday & Saturday. Troy Public Broadcasting Channel 5 also has provided copies ranging from 1 event to an entire season on DVD for the students for personal use. A lot of parents enjoy giving these items as gifts for the holidays, also a lot of parents will purchase these DVD’s for college resumes and or scholarships, and for family who live out of town. At Troy Public Broadcasting Channel 5 we are excited to be able to provide this footage!

At Troy Public Broadcasting Channel 5 education has always been a priority. Over the years many of our volunteers have gone on to pursue a career in broadcasting. In the last 5 years we have started offering Internships to High School and College Students and because of the certifications our employees hold College Students can obtain credited hours.

The Community Bulletin Board is Channel 5’s longest running program. This airs Public Service Announcements, Community Events, and School Closings, along with Channel 5’s Broadcast Schedule. The Community Bulletin Board offers a resource to area organizations to get the word out about all special events, fundraisers etc.

In July 2001 Troy Public Broadcasting updated all of their studio equipment to digital providing the state of the art quality. This equipment has enhanced the quality of our productions and has brought Channel 5 up to date with the top market television stations in Ohio.

Troy Public Broadcasting is a 501-C3 non-profit corporation, governed by its parent company Troy Communications Center, and a seven member Board of Directors. Troy Public Broadcasting hopes to continue to bring quality services to the community in the future. Which brings us back to our mission statement Troy Public Broadcasting “Serving The Community Today For A Brighter Tomorrow”.

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